Party themes: Disney costumes


How about bringing Dad into the party scene. That old favorite Captain Hook gives us a great idea as a character. He looks his best when surrounded by young children. The kids play the part of the lost boys and you will enjoy many hours beating dad up and winning the battle.

For grown ups and dads of this world, try something entirely new by dressing up as Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Pirate snarls are great for a party.

Where to find them

If you prefer to buy your Disney costumes, good costumers will get plenty. Online sources include The Oriental Company and ToysRUs. However, the top one is the mother of all:, fro newest releases and official Disney products. Disney shopping has tough-to-find costumes, including smaller sizes for the really young.

Creating your own

If you choose to create more fun with your own then it does not have to be very that hard to do. Gather a decent interpretation of your character by and study their looks and improvise. Accessories matched up with one or two extra details (the puffed sleeves of Snow White’s dress) are all you need to make a costume envied by other party goers who resort to easier ways out.

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