Picking a comfortable-to-wear princess costume

Take a look at the brand. Does it have a reputation for being comfortable? Established makers have a steady following of people who find their disney costumes easy to wear. If you’re not sure, search online for comments and feedback. Some list testimonials and awards they have achieved. Check what they say about themselves.Where do they place their focus?. If comfort is a top priority, you are well on your way.

Is the Cinderella princess dress you’ve chosen, machine washable? Dry-clean only Snow White princess dresses are no bargain if you cannot easily wash them. No girl would want to play in a dirty princess costume. We don’t want to be tied down to a dry clean only garment.

Does the dress have any added comfort features? One of the nicest is silk lining. If your daughter’s costumes are not silk-lined, be sure there are no itchy underskirts or inner fabrics that will cause skin irritation.

Make sure the seams are finished. Unfinished seams and hems on delicate dress fabrics, will make any costume feel itchy. Many makers will mention that their seams and hems are finished, and if true, this indicates the importance of looking after their customers, a very good sign.

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