Tinkerbell costumes for children

My four year old has just decided she wants to dress up as tinkerbell. We saw the Peter Pan movie from Disney and now she has become a dedicated follower of Tinkerbell. She is very excited about wearing her Tinkerbell costume so she can fly to Neverland with Peter Pan. On reading through various articles on the internet, it seems Tinkerbell Disney costumes are easy to make. They include wings and a green skirt. When you arrive at your party with your baby in a Tinkerbell costume, she will feel like she came straight from Neverland and will be on a high.

When making these costumes get some good fairy wings. Most Tinkerbell costumes have included the wings with the costume. Often they are not that good and if it’s for an adult, make sure you have some good ones. Fairies need a teacup of dust each day to fly and do magic.

But for the kids, standard wings will work just fine. You will want to add some sparkling elements to the outfit so that it looks like you have magic powers and are shining. So to achieve the shiny aspect, just pick up some glitter and put all over your body, hair and face and that will be perfect.

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